by nathalie on
May 2, 2017


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Coming from the fashion world to have soaked during a decade, in the 90s, since the age of 16 years as model, I was able to see a fashion couple of decades and be in touch with the most of fashion designers of the planet, as Karl Lagerfeld for Coco Chanel,Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior and so on.

Having paraded for big designers as Jean-Paul Gaultier, Paco Rabanne, Lolita Lempicka to name only them, through fashion shows and showrooms, I disovered a passion for the fashion design. I often had visions of clothes which we could create to put the women even more in value, in particular regarding jeans, who crossed the modes by changing little aspect.   

Being a big consumer, as most of the women, with three jeans on average by season in my cupboards (because it is necessary to say it, it is very practical to the everyday life), over the years the report was alarming, I always had same jeans in my wardrobe, I always got dressed in the same way and looked like all these women I meet in the street.

It hampered me many to look like my office colleague, the neighbor … Not to being able to find my own identity, while I imagined very well how to create pants jeans, dresses, and other in the more sensual, sophisticated, original, feminine clothes, which could sublimate the body of the woman.

Thus it is quite naturally that I turned to the creation of new jeans, pants, skirts, tailors …

The brand “Lys Majesty” makes a commitment to make quality. All materials, various fabrics, were carefully chosen according to their qualities and results from the whole world. Our company works with seamstresses specialized in the Haute Couture and among which the aestheticism of the garment, its refinement is our essential concern.
The quality of the finishes on every product, the concern of the slightest detail, is for us, a major stake.