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of jeans trousers and feminine sportswear clothing made in France. Our Lys Majesty Collections are made only in French workshops. The fabrics come from all over the world including France, for a great diversity of fabrics. For the brand, What is interesting is the improbable marriage between different materials between noble materials, such as lace, satin, imitation suede (cruelty free), cotton .. And a fabric which in everyday life, is used a lot by women, for the simple and easy to wear side it offers. For clothing, unique, essential pieces that we have seen nowhere else. Invent the fashion of tomorrow, of the future. Why create, make and remake what already exists. And here I go for an exciting adventure, to better sublimate women in their daily lives.

    The Lys Majesty brand…

was created to meet the needs of women looking for their own identity, their own, the affirmation of their femininity. Women in search of refinement, aesthetics and originality, in a society where everyone is like everyone, where it is not easy to assume their difference. Lys Majesty clothes are also creations that combine aesthetics with utility. Several of these models can be worn in different ways. It is not uncommon for a model to have several styles. Depending on the mood of the moment, with one garment, you can choose different styles, more or less sophisticated throughout the day, which is quite practical ! Lys Majesty, it is also a French know-how with small hands that create each piece with great dexterity, attention to detail, perfect finish, for a work of the most successful, the most perfect, for women of exception, unique women.

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