by nathalie on
January 18, 2020


  • I did not know this brand, Lys Majesty, I was pleasantly surprised,
    by its originality,to say the least.Out of curiosity and fell in love
    with an item.I ordered the Tess purple jacket.
    I must say that I was amazed by its beauty, its quality,
    its value for money, because in addition I can transform this jacket
    into a coat for the price of a jacket.

    Thanks to the brand, make a good purchase
    within the reach of all budgets !


    Manon Lasseur
  • I’ve just bought the Nirvana Jeans, which seduced me, because original in its design, with the decorative fabric that zips down pants, and I must confess, not knowing the mark before, that I am rather happy, it is really sublime. I find it so beautiful, that I even think of buying the whole of the pants, the Caméléon pants, to have several looks. In the end, the price is justified because the quality is there. It’s Nirvana, what, ah, ah, ah !



    Elodie Leroux
  • Hello girls, what happiness, I feel very sexy with my new Jeans which I am very happy. Congratulations to the designer, because this Jean Lady Far West suits me perfectly. On the other hand if you want to go unnoticed, to avoid, in the street everyone notices me. Girls are craving for asking me where my jeans come from, because it is surely unusual !

    Chloé Rigaud
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