by nathalie on
May 3, 2017

Our values


Former model converted into a young fashion designer, by ongoing need of aestheticism and refinement, passion for fashion. And God created the woman ! If the woman did not exist, the world would be very sad and tasteless !

Knowing women’s fashion well, I remain amazed by all the creativity that the body of the woman and her beauty can inspire and is also subjugated by all this feminine magic.

In this third millennium that will be that of woman, (it rejoices me all the more!) There is still a multitude of feminine creations to invent, to sublimate it.

As an ambassador of French women’s fashion and with the great esteem I have for her precurious, icon, Mademoiselle Coco Chanel, I have to create clothes exclusively Made in France.   Our clothes are rare, exclusive pieces made in French workshops.  

 They are not produced in mass, some even tailor-made, because quality must take precedence over quantity for the sake of ethics. The fabrics are of quality and the models are made, to satisfy our kind female clientele, down to the smallest details.