Calamity Jane ( Caméléon ) Jeans, Limited Product !

115.00  TTC


Calamity Jane (Caméléon) jeans, imitation suede petals bottom, suit in any opportunities !

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Normal waist jeans trousers with a suede imitation waistband with 4 large suede imitation fringes of very good quality, 2 of which at each end of the waistband, closing in pockets embedded in a 4 petals flower suede imitation, pattern including 2 on each side. At the bottom of the pants, some imitation suede of very good quality ending in petals and just above the eyelets between each petal in which are inserted lace braids several centimeters long and able to form small knots in lace. A detachable zipattaches the imitation suede strip from the bottom of the jeans pants. The Calamity Jane Jeans, can be sold individually or with 2 other different trouser bottoms for three different styles in one pant. See further ‘The Caméléon Jeans’.


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