Clover Flower-2 ( Winter Caméléon ) Jeans,Limited product !

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Clover Flower Jeans trousers, a Winter Caméléon version, Lys Majesty. This beautiful trousers can be worn during the day, during a vernissage, an exhibition, and / or in the evening during trendy outings!


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Blue jeans trousers, normal size, with an added belt at the top, made of blue jeans fabric slightly darker than jeans with soft cotton fabric, 3 different colors pastel, pink, apple and mauve, inlaid in the fabric belt jeans and forming 4 hearts resembling a four-leaf clover. At the bottom of the waist, waves made of cotton fabrics, 3 pastel colors (pink, apple, purple) and just below the patterns in jeans fabric forming a double diamond crossing jeans. At each end of the belt, 2 hearts in jeans. The belt attaches with a thin strip of cotton fabric of 3 pastel colors (pink, apple, mauve) that one passes in its 4 gilded carnations, inlaid.

In the bottom of the jeans pants, a strip of fabric jeans with soft cotton fabric hearts in touch, 3 pastel colors (pink, apple, mauve) inlaid in, with at each end a heart jeans fabric and finishing by doubles diamonds in cotton fabric soft to the touch of 3 colors pastel (pink, apple, purple) surrounding the ankle.

The trousers and the jeans fabric strip at the bottom of the trousers, attach themselves with a blue zipper, sewn directly into the fabric strip in jeans.

This jeans pants also called Caméléon, because according to the mood of the day, it can be declined in 3 different versions. See further on the site, Nirvana and Dakota Caméléon trousers.

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