Daisy ( Caméléon ) Jeans, Limited Product !

93.99  TTC

Jeans trousers Daisy, a Caméléon, 3 in 1 Jeans pants version,  Lys Majesty Collection !

These sky blue jeans trousers are worn on all occasions with these light, pleasant colors.


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Normal waist jeans trousers, with a waistband consisting of flower laces in rectangular shapes in 4 different pastel colors. All 4 rectangles, a gilded eyelet is sewn and thus, allows to connect them with a purple lace bow, which represents a pretty lace belt with flowers of different colors. The knots can come loose and hang along the waist, which can give another look. At the bottom of the trousers there are also 5 flowers laces of 5 different colors pastels detaching by means of a zipper, which allows to change style throughout the day and according to the desires of the day, Is the principle of these trousers, also called Cameleon, because it is a 3 in 1 pants.That can be sold individually or with one or two other styles, Cameleon, (see in the E-shop).

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