Magnolias For Ever Jeans-2, Limited Product !

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Magnolias For Ever Jeans Trousers, Lys Majesty, You could wear it, on all occasions, as well in the office as during outings between friends or rendez-vous gallant !

Beautiful Jeans Pants, for girls who have style, unique women!



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Pants dark blue jeans, high waist with a waist sewn zipper in jeans at waist level allowing to go zipper a wide belt down to the bottom of the gluteus, imitation suede high quality , consisting of 3 rows. The first one, at the waist is composed of arches with inside, a heart in 2 colors (yellow, blue, orange, green, pink), and on the last 2 hearts of each end of the belt a horizontal line imitation suede. The second row consists of diamonds, one color by diamond(green, yellow, blue, orange, pink) and the last row is made up of flower petals, hence the model name, Magnolias For Ever. You could find,a petal in each color (Blue, pink, yellow, green, orange). At the end, there are 2 eyelets on one side and 4 on the other side, to adjust the waistband to its size. The large and beautiful belt will be attached to the front, with a lovely pattern of imitation suede and two flower petals, sewn on, blue and orange and can attach with 4 eyelets inlaid in the pattern and 4 straps imitation suede.

jeans pants down, is composed of a large heart, imitation suede half and half carnations, (3 of 3 left and right side, sharing the lower leg and located in the calf, allowing ornament of pants.

The model is sold with one or more belts. See the next model, on sale, soon!

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