Melody Jeans, Limited Product !

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 Melody Jeans, Lys Majesty, very nice Jeans trousers, all in delicacy. Ladies, a very nice looking at day or even at night ! For unforgettable evenings, all in finesse, adopt the Melody Jeans!



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Blue jeans, high waist with a long wave in purple lace with flowers, stretch, inlaid in jeans pants, hinting at the skin and running along the hips. behind the trousers 2 large strips of leatherette stitched just above and below the purple lace wave, stretch, with flowers with eyelets to pass a long zigzag chocolate velvet ribbon and finish with a beautiful bow, or possibly cut it into several small ribbons and thus form pretty little knots. A bit further down, on each side of the hips, at the top of each leg, a purple lace butterfly with flowers, stretched, inlaid in the jeans with each side, a strip of faux leather with eyelets sewn on, allowing, so to pass a chocolate velvet ribbon and more or less cover by tightening the ribbon and make a pretty knot. At the bottom of the trousers on each side of the calves is a purple lace star, stretch, with flowers with old pink color, thread, embroidered along the star, inlaid in the jeans and revealing the skin. Each star has on its left and right side, a strip of faux leather with eyelets sewn on the jeans that can allow a long chocolate velvet ribbon to zigzag and hide more or less the star according to the style that we prefer to adopt, and finish with a nice knot on each side of the calves. Possibly to change the style, it can be attached as on the photo, in front, in the middle of the 2 stars. With this model of pants, several styles are possible.

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