Angel Wings

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Angel Wings Jeans trousers, Lys Majesty wearing during the day, at vernissages, exhibitions, or in the evening during trendy or romantic outings !

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 Angel Wings Jeans, Lys Majesty

Very nice Angel Wings Jeans trousers, blue normal size, from the Lys Majesty brand, with 2 pieces of purple lycra lace in the shape of Angel wings, sewn inside the back of the Angel Wings jeans trousers, blue, above from each pocket, just below the belt, revealing the skin. At the ends of each lace in the shape of angel wings of the jeans trousers, a pretty purple lace in trimmings and purple lace roses are sewn on the entire contour of each wing. On the front of the Angel Wings jeans trousers, a pretty flower in elastic violet lace is sewn at the level of the donkey and at the top of each leg, with beautiful white lace surrounding the violet elastic lace. Another pretty white lace, forming beautiful ruffles is sewn around the flower, to make pretty petals. At the bottom of the blue jeans pants, a purple lycra lace in the shape of a large V is sewn inside the jeans, in front and behind the leg, revealing the skin and rising to the outer levels of each calf and extending into a long ribbon purple lycra lace and going to tie in a pretty knot on the outside of each calf.

These magnificent jeans trousers, can be worn with a beautiful pair of sneakers from the Lys Majesty brand, the pair of Los Angeles sneakers, with these pretty colors which fits precisely with this model of trousers (see below on our Lys Majesty e-shop ).

If you like this style, we can also offer you the very nice model of Melody jeans trousers, which is jeans in the same tones as this one. In addition, these trousers are transformed in several ways, according to your desires, moods of the day ! To do this, you just need to browse our e-shop.

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