Bliss Version 2

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Very nice Bliss sportswear outfit, Lys Majesty, which can also be transformed in beautiful Bliss jumpsuit, for sports in a fitness club or outdoor jogging.



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Bliss version 2 sportswear outfit, jumpsuit, Lys Majesty

Bliss version 2 sportswear outfit jumpsuit in mat khaki and shiny rainbow color lycra with 2 vertical straps in shiny orange, green, purple and dark blue lycra on each shoulder and a horizontal strap in shiny orange and green lycra fabric on each side, at 3 cm, just above the chest, as well as the shiny lycra fabric of several colors, pink, purple, orange, green, blue, yellow at the level of the chest forming 5 triangles of several sizes. On each sleeve of the Bliss version 2 sportswear outfit, jumpsuit, 3 diamonds of several colors, in shiny lycra are sewn on it. 2 diamonds above each elbow and another diamond just above each wrist. At the navel, a strip of bright rainbow fabric in the shape of a large V is sewn on the mat khaki lycra fabric at the bottom of the top of the Bliss version 2 sportswear outfit jumpsuit, on which eyelets are there. inlaid every 4 cm as well as a strip of bright lycra fabric rainbow color in the shape of a large V is sewn at the top of the trousers, on the mat khaki fabric at the hips, in which golden eyelets are there also inlaid to allow the passage inside a long strip of mat khaki lycra around the waist and hips, so wear it in one piece, which transforms the whole, Bliss version 2, top and sportswear trousers in a very nice sportswear jumpsuit. The trousers, which are made of mat khaki lycra fabric, have khaki veils sewn in the shape of a large V just below the hips. The trousers bottom in mat khaki lycra fabric, just below each calf, a shiny orange, purple and pink lycra fabric, about 5 cm wide starting at the top of the inside of each calf and ending at the bottom from the outside of each calf, going around those.




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