Butterfly Kiss 2

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Butterfly Kiss, Lys majesty sportswear outfit, Jumpsuit is putting itself during the practice of a sport or at evenings, because this outfit can be put in jumpsuit, thus obtaining a total look very feminine!



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Butterfly Kiss 2 sportswear, Lys Majesty

Very nice Butterfly Kiss 2, Lys Majesty. Sportswear, jumpsuit, trousers and top with sleeves in light gray and pink jersey with bare shoulders, and below the chest, a big heart, revealing the skin with a light pink jersey border. The top of the set, Butterfly Kiss 2 sportswear jumpsuit ending in pink waves adorned with light pink snaps, to attach it with the pants, if you want to wear the suit in jumpsuit.
The trousers of the outfit, Butterfly Kiss 2 sportswear jumpsuit consists of a light pink belt, sewn with inlaid above and all along, light pink snaps, which can be unfolded and go attach to the top, to get a nice jumpsuit. Going down along the trousers on the outer sides, a heart in light pink stitched jersey that can open in 2 and close by passing a pink ribbon through 2 silver-colored eyelets. 4 hearts in light pink jersey are sewn on the trousers. One on the outside of each knee and one above each ankle. In the middle of the pants bottom, we can see on each leg, a comma lying down, as well as in the back, middle bottom of it.

This magnificent outfit of sportswear top and trousers, can be worn as a set with the top and the sportswear pants or, if necessary, it can be worn in a pretty sportswear jumpsuit by attaching the buttons that are inside the bottom of the top, on the top belt of the sportswear trousers, for daily sports.

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