Calamity Jane 2

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Calamity Jane (Caméléon) jeans, Lys Majesty. With imitation suede petals bottom, suit in any opportunities!

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Calamity Jane 2 Jeans trousers (Caméléon) high waist with a belt in imitation suede ending in 4 large fringes imitation suede of very good quality, including 2 at each end of the belt, closing by passing in eyelets inlaid in a pattern imitation suede flower-shaped with 4 petals including 2 on each side. At the bottom of the Calamity Jane 2 jeans pants (Caméléon), a very good quality suede imitation band ending in petals and just above the eyelets between each petal, into which lace braids are several centimeters long and can form small lace bows. A detachable zipper connects the imitation suede band at the bottom of the Calamity Jane 2 jeans trousers (Caméléon). This model can be sold alone or with 2 other different pants for 3 different styles in one pants.

These Calamity Jane trousers (Caméléon) are really exceptional, because they are 3 in 1 trousers. Indeed, it is also called Caméléon jeans trousers, which are jeans pants with 3 different pants bottom interchangeable with each other, for 3 completely different styles. on this famous Caméléon jeans trousers, you can also, if you wish, change the belt, to adopt 2 other different styles of belts, on the same jeans pants.

The Caméléon Lys Majesty jeans trousers, consists of 3 different styles, including Calamity Jane jeans trousers, Lotus Flower jeans trousers and Peace N Love jeans trousers.

The Lys Majesty brand has created 2 different Caméléon jeans trousers. The Caméléon and the Caméléon version 2. The Caméléon jeans trousers version 2 consists of 3 different styles, including the Nirvana jeans trousers, the Clover Flower trousers and of course, the Dakota or Dakota 3 jeans trousers.

Can be sold as it stands here, or with 2 other styles that are part of the Caméléon jeans trousers, which makes 3 different aspects including the Peace N Love aspect and the Lotus Flower aspect.


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