Charleen jeans

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Charleen jeans trousers, Lys Majesty, very nice trousers for all occasions. for a simple and refined look !



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Charleen jeans trousers, Lys Majesty
 Charleen jeans trousers, dark blue, mid-high waist with a nice brown band sewn on the Charleen jeans trousers, dotted with 2 small round beads, light brown with a long gray pearl in the shape of a thin tube, vertically, with 2 tiny round brown beads and between these 2 small beads, a large, brown round. On the Charleen jeans trousers, going down a little lower, at the top of the thighs, a very nice purple lace fabric with small purple pearls. The purple pearl lace of the Charleen jeans trousers, is covered with a horizontal imitation suede band of very good quality at each end of the purple pearl lace and in the middle, a imitation suede band of very good quality in the shape of a zigzag, traversing the thigh going to close at each outer end of the upper thigh with brown velvet laces, threaded in pretty golden eyelets embedded in the suede imitation fabric of dark blue Charleen jeans trousers. At the bottom of the pants, a vertical opening about 25 cm high on the front in the middle of the calf bottom with a strip of imitation suede fabric sewn on each side to allow them to be brought together using green fabric laces, brown, pink, passing through golden eyelets, allowing, thus, to tighten the jeans at the bottom of calves and ankles. If you like imitation suede pants, we offer you a very nice model, the Calamity Jane jeans trousers which can be worn with a beautiful imitation suede belt of very good quality. It is a 3 in 1 jeans trousers only, with several styles on the same trousers. Where well then the Far West jeans trousers, these are imitation suede jeans trousers, of very good quality, very refined. See further on our Lys Majesty e-boutique!

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