Dakota 4

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Dakota 4 Jeans Trousers, a Caméléon trousers , 3 in 1 Jeans trousers version, Lys Majesty !

This beautiful pants can be worn during the day, at vernissages, exhibitions, and/or in the evening during trendy outings !


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Dakota 4 jeans trousers (Caméléon 2) Lys Majesty, with a waistband imitation suede, very good quality, with petals at the bottom running through the whole size and 5 different pastel fabrics, (green, salmon, mauve, yellow and pink ) in satin resembling glitters. This beautiful Dakota 4 belt (Caméléon 2) is attached to the hips, front with laces knotted in braid, 2 colors, a yellow and a pale pink that we slip into 4 small golden eyelets.

The bottom of the Dakota 4 trousers (Caméléon 2) consists of a strip of very good quality imitation suede fabric, with a yellow, salmon, pink, mauve and green satin fabric embedded in it. Below this suede imitation strip, there are beautiful imitation suede petals on the Dakota  trousers, (see further in our E-shop, for more details the beautiful  Dakota 3 made in satin petals in 5 different pastel colors (green , salmon, mauve, yellow and pink),  at your choice!

These Dakota 4 trousers (Caméléon 2) are really exceptional, because they are 3 in 1 pants, they have the distinction of being sold with 2 other different styles. Indeed, it is called, also Caméléon jeans pants, which is jeans pants with 3 different bottom of pants interchangeable between them, for 3 completely different styles. on this famous Caméléon jeans pants, you can also, if you wish, change the belt, to adopt 2 other different styles of belts, on the same jeans pants.

The Caméléon Lys Majesty jeans pants, consists of 3 different styles, including Calamity Jane jeans trousers, Lotus flower jeans trousers and Peace n Love jeans trousers.

The Lys Majesty brand has created 2 different Caméléon jeans trousers. The Caméléon and the Caméléon version 2. The Caméléon jeans trousers version 2 consists of 3 different styles, including the Nirvana jeans trousers, the Clover Flower jeans trousers and of course, the Dakota or Dakota 3 jeans trousers.



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