Elektra 4

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Elektra Outfit, Jumpsuit, worn during the day as well as evening!

6 different ways to dress, in one model !

Can be worn as a sweater or trousers suit in jumpsuit with 5 different looks, or even the sweater with a pair of beautiful jeans trousers or matched pants with a beautiful top in the same colors.


Please, specify your height, when ordering!



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Elektra 4 outfit, jumpsuit, Lys Majesty, dark blue made with 95% of polyester and 5% of elastane, composed of a short dark blue sweater with the left side higher than the right side, a band of brown suede running through the chest, going up on the shoulders and going around the back. A strap is sewn on each side of the neck which gives a glimpse of part of each shoulder. In the back a strap in blue fabric connects the straps between them and allows to make a pretty knot. The dark blue trousers are also made of polyester and elastane, they hug the body gently, because they are very comfortable to wear.

Elektra 4 outfit jumpsuit, sweater and pants can be tied together with 4 pieces of dark blue jersey fabric with elastic inside, for a better adaptation to your figure. A piece of dark jersey fabric in front and behind and one on each side of the waist, to easily adapt to each body and in wavy shapes for a more sensual effect. These pieces of dark blue jersey fabric that connect the sweater and pants in dark blue jersey fabric, are attached by zipping at each of their ends, thus forming a magnificent jumpsuit of cities.

With this Elektra 4 outfit jumpsuit, 6 different possibilities are available to you. At your choice you can, at your convenience, wear the sweater and trousers, as a whole, wear it in jumpsuit with a piece of dark blue jersey fabric in the middle front, one in the middle behind, or else wear it with a piece of dark blue jersey fabric on each side of the waist in addition, or keep only the 2 pieces of jersey fabric on each side of the waist. Remove the piece of wavy dark blue jersey fabric from the center front, and / or remove the piece of wavy jersey fabric from the back.


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