Jade jacket

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Very nice jeans Jade jacket from the Lys Majesty brand, very trendy, to wear on all occasions!



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We present to you the magnificent Jade jacket, from the Lys Majesty collection, spring 2020, for girls who always like to be at the cutting edge of progress, for a colorful spring.

The Jade Jacket in blue jeans with a collar in the shape of petals, embroidered at the ends with blue thread, each petal having a golden eyelet inlaid on it, revealing a string with each time, a different color, including (Satin twine, gold, green, pink, blue, pastel mauve sold with and included in the price) for a touch of gaiety. You can, if you wish, raise each petal, which constitutes the neck, for an even more original effect. We can also pass a string in several petals to link them together, to obtain a style even different than the previous one, each string being large enough to connect several. Take a string of another color, and so on, to the other end of the neck. On each sleeve of this magnificent Jade jacket, above the elbows, a strip of beautiful multicolored smock fabric of several centimeters surrounding the arm, shows in the middle, in front of an opening with golden laces crisscrossed in golden eyelets, thus allowing tightening of the arm above the elbow. At the pockets, a beautiful smocking fabric, elastic, several colors in the shape of a flower on the side of the buttonhole and forming a large rectangle going towards the back, embroidered with purple thread. You can of course, put your hands in each pocket, to feel more comfortable. In its center and at the level of the kidney drop, inlaid golden eyelets, letting pass and tie, a purple satin ribbon. Above a drawing in the shape of a large clover in beautiful smocking fabric with in the middle, golden eyelets through which pass a beautiful purple satin ribbon.

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