Lollipop Jeans

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Pretty light blue Lollipop jeans pants, from the Lys Majesty brand, very cheerful and comfortable to wear with all its colors. For a colorful winter!



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Pretty light blue jeans pants with heart-shaped patterns at the waist and large petals in jersey fabric including a pale green jersey fabric, forming half of a heart and purple jersey fabric forming the other half of the heart. A yellow fabric, forming one half of another heart and the other half of the 2nd heart, made of fuchsia pink jersey fabric. 2 large hearts in jersey fabric of 4 different colors (pale green, mauve, yellow and fuchsia pink) and 4 large colored muslin petals (yellow, orange, mauve and fuchsia pink) are sewn below each heart at the rate of 2 large petals by heart and along the hips just below the pockets and running through the pants. Every 2 hearts, a small fuchsia pink velvet bow is sewn there. These patterns are held around the edge of the hips using small pressures sewn with light blue thread, thus hardly letting them show through. At the bottom of the pants, large petals of 5 different colors (yellow, fuchsia pink, mauve, green and orange) are sewn there with just below pearly buttons in the shape of hearts (yellow, mauve, pink, green and red). are sewn, thus allowing, at will, to hang with the help of small elastics sewn on colored muslin fabric (orange, pale green, yellow, fuchsia pink and mauve) large petals, including 2 large petals hanging on each button, covering the contour of the ankle.

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