Coat, jacket khaki Tess

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Beautiful jacket, coat, Tess Lys Majesty, 2 in 1, convertible as desired . Ideal for all occasions.





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The brand Lys Majesty, presents to you, its new and revolutionary 2 in 1, gorgeous, Khaki Tess jacket, coat. A 100% khaki wool coat with a large collar and 8 dark brown buttons. The khaki Tess jacket and coat has a large comfortable pocket on each side to keep your hands warm during the winter. At the bottom of each sleeve are sewn beautiful khaki wool petals embroidered with thread of the same color. Below, if desired, you can attach a large strip of 100% khaki wool fabric to obtain a nice khaki coat, with khaki lining on the inside. This part which constitutes the Tess coat, can be attached with a zip which is sewn inside and all along the coat in which there are golden eyelets running through it. These golden eyelets can only be seen when you unzip this part which is detachable, which means that at any time, if you wish, you cannot see the golden eyelets appear. which aesthetically speaking, makes it a very refined coat. To attach the jacket with the strip of 100% khaki wool fabric which allows you to transform the jacket into a coat, you simply have to pass a long dark brown velvet ribbon through the golden eyelets that are encrusted at the bottom and along the jacket and at the top and all along the strip of 100% khaki wool fabric with a khaki lining, hidden inside the zip.

So you can get a beautiful khaki Tess coat for winter or possibly a pretty khaki Tess jacket for spring times. At will, according to these desires of the moment,  Ladies, you have only the choice !

Our Lys Majesty e-shop offers you the same beautiful Tess jacket, coat, in several colors, further on our website, according to your tastes of course!

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