Kiara Jeans

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Very nice dark blue Mom Jeans pants, Kiara, Lys Majesty. Can be worn on all occasions, for a colorful everyday life.



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Pretty blue jeans trousers with a large diamond at the top of each thigh, openwork, embroidered on the outline with pink, mauve, yellow, apple green, sky blue, orange thread. In the middle of this diamond, a pretty flower in colored lycra (pink, sky blue, yellow, mauve, apple green, orange) sewn on jeans. 4 jeans bands sewn at the ends, keep the petals flat. This same colored lycra flower (pink, yellow, mauve, apple green, sky blue, orange) is sewn on each side of the jeans at the top, just next to the pocket. A little lower on the outside of each leg, 2 large waves meeting in colored lycra fabric (orange, pink, apple green, mauve, yellow, sky blue) are sewn onto the jeans and embroidered with brown thread. At the bottom of the pants, an embroidery of beautiful little colored flowers (sky blue, mauve, orange, apple green, pink, yellow) sewn in a zigzag pattern on the jeans. On the back of the jeans at the waist and in the middle, a slit of about 9 cm, allowing to pass a beautiful golden lace using small golden eyelets. At each end of the slit, a large wave is sewn in colored lycra fabric (purple, orange, apple green, pink, yellow, sky blue). At the bottom of the back of the jeans, a beautiful embroidery of small colored flowers (yellow, apple green, orange, sky blue, pink, mauve) is sewn in zigzag along the jeans.

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