Lady Lys 3

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Lady Lys, Lys Majesty sportswear outfit, Jumpsuit, fit to practice sport together or separately, coupling the top with a beautiful colorful skirt, sportswear trousers with a beautiful colored t-shirt in the sunny day or to train in sporting clubs or jogging.



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Lady Lys 3 Sporstwear, Lys Majesty

Magnificent Lady Lys 3, Lys Majesty. Outfit, jumpsuit, top and trousers, sportswear in light pink cotton and elastane and light gray polyester and elastane edged with white lace on each end of the top and at the neckline. On the lace at the bottom of the top of the Lady Lys 3 jumpsuit, small holes to add to it, small ribbons in satin or other materials (they are not supplied with). The trousers in the Lady Lys 3 sportswear outfit, jumpsuit have white lace in the shape of petals around below the belt. A few comma-shaped, gray patterns (possibility of having sportswear pants with 8 commas in gray fabric or lace) are sewn in several places in front of and behind the trousers of the Lady lys 3 sportswear outfit, jumpsuit. These patterns are larger behind the sportswear trousers than at the front. The Lady Lys top and trousers can be worn together and linked together by a zipper sewn into the lower back, transforming into a magnificent sportswear jumpsuit or can be worn separately.

As mentioned above, we offer for this sportswear, top, trousers, outfit, jumpsuit, Lady Lys, several choices of trousers :                                           – Sportswear pants with 8 commas in light gray polyester and spandex   – Sportswear pants with 8 commas in pretty lace with white flowers

If you like sportswear outfits, our Lys Majesty e-shop offers other sportswear models, just as pretty, with for example, the Lady Lys sportswear outfit, jumpsuit, the Ninja sportswear outfit, jumpsuit or even the GI Jane sportswear outfit, jumpsuit, which are all beautiful sports outfits. Or if you are only looking for top with trousers, our e-shop can offer you other choices, such as the sublime Bliss, Lys Majesty outfit, or the very pretty Black Swan sportswear model which can be worn in many ways, like most Lys Majesty models.






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