Lily Grey Sportswear Outfit.2, Limited Product !

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Lily grey Sportswear fit to practice sport (comfortable to wear because it is cozy inside and with its different openings you can practice any sport without feeling cramped), during outings Trendy or exceptional events because the garment is very stylish!

With the top and bottom we have a total gorgeous look.

Can be put also separately, the tunic with a super legging in the same tones, (the front knot can detach, go to attach in the back and let the abs see), and the jogging pants can be put with a beautiful top skinny.



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Sporty tunic and trouser pants gray and light pink in cotton and polyester. On the long-sleeved tunic there is a light pink petal on each side of the neckline.Be below the chest there is a large rectangle (just above the navel) with pink fabric in which there are two slits to pass A belt of pink fabric sewn just above the waist of the tunic on each side. With this belt one can tighten the waist and make a nice knot in the middle of the tunic, or as well tie the belt to the back of the tunic by making a knot or letting hang the belt along the back. At each end of the pink fabric in the middle of the rectangle one can glimpse the size. At the hips on the tunic, there is a pink band 3 cm in front and on the back of it. At the bottom of the tunic, on the right side of the top of the leg, another small 3cm pink strip stitched in the middle of the tunic opening. This one is elastic, can therefore adapt to all movements of legs. The length of the tunic stops just below the buttocks, which for the practice of a sport, is rather pleasant. The jogging pants is close to the body, elastic. On the top of the jog, there is a strip of pink fabric 3 cm running through the waist, with inside a pink belt going to tie in front. The bottom of the jog is composed of several pink squares of 5 cm all around the ankle, including two front and one behind.



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