Lucy jeans

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Lucy jeans trousers, Lys Majesty. Nice trousers very comfortable to wear for a colorful daily. For those who like to be seen!



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Lucy jeans trousers, Lys Majesty

Pretty and very fresh Lucy jeans trousers, dark blue from the brand Lys Majesty, high waist with all these spring colors for a most pleasant sensation. These beautiful Lucy jeans trousers are made with jeans and lycra fabric of several colors (yellow, purple, orange, pink, green) cut in the form of zigzags of about 15 centimeters long and 4 cm wide, are sewn to the inside the Lucy jeans trousers, running around the hips, in front of and behind the jeans trousers. The lycra fabric material being elastic, allows better comfort inside the jeans. At the bottom of these dark blue Lucy jeans trousers, lycra fabric in several bright colors (yellow, purple, orange, pink, green) cut in the form of zigzags about 10 cm high and 4 cm wide, are sewn inside the jeans, at the bottom of the calf and surrounding it completely. This fabric is sewn about 4 cm from the bottom of the trousers.

This very pretty model of jeans trousers, can be worn with the pretty pair of California Purple sneakers, Lys Majesty, full of very cheerful colors.

If this style of colorful trousers suits you, we offer you, in the same very colorful style, the Peace N Love (Caméléon) jeans trousers model which is in shades, purple, pink, yellow, orange, with pretty pearly pearls violets and a nice belt in the same tones, for a very nice style, both original and refined. This model of trousers is very particular, because by opting for this style, you have the possibility, to choose with, 2 other models with this one. Which means that you opt for the Caméléon trousers, 3 in 1 jeans trousers only, with 3 different styles for jeans trousers. Peace N Love trousers, with 2 other changes (belt and bottom of trousers). You buy the Peace N Love jeans trousers, and you have with it, the Fleur de Lotus model and the Calamity Jane model (belt and bottom of pants) included, which transforms it into Caméléon jeans trousers. To see absolutely on our Lys Majesty e-shop.

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