Ninja Jumpsuit

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Very nice Ninja sportswear outfit, jumpsuit, Lys Majesty with detachable sleeves, comfortable to wear, fits well with body movements, essential for practicing everyday sport.



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Only for you girls who like to practice a sport several times per week, the Lys Majesty brand presents you, one of its latest creations in sportswear clothing, Its Very nice Ninja Sportswear Outfit,  jumpsuit , Lys Majesty with detachable sleeves. Pleasant to wear, fits well with body movements, This set of pants and sportswear top, transformable into a jumpsuit is essential for the practice of a daily sport.

The Ninja Outfit, exceptional Ninja jumpsuit by the use in several different ways of this garment, which we can put for the practice of a sport as well outside, as in an indoor fitness club by detaching the sleeves from the top. Where else you can possibly wear it in a jumpsuit simply, attaching the snaps located below the bottom of the top and also being sewn along the waistband of the pants. By attaching them with each other, we obtain a magnificent hyper trendy sportswear combination, pleasant to wear in our everyday life because how practical!

Its very nice Ninja Outfit, black and purple sportswear set in 85% and 15% elastane polyester and lycra. With a black top at the top with detachable sleeves using a zip closure. Below the chest, there are 3 purple bands, in lycra, horizontal, crossing with 3 purple bands, in lycra, vertical in front and in the back. Below the bottom of the top, there are snaps that are sewn to connect the top to the pants and thus can transform the sportswear set into a jumpsuit if you want to give it another look. The pants are made of 85% polyester and 15% black elastane. On each outer side of the legs are 2 large waves in purple lycra and embroidered with purple thread, running through the front and back of each leg from top to bottom of the sportswear pants.

On the belt and running all over the waist, black snaps,
 to allow the bustier to be attached to the pants to transform the whole
 into a magnificent sportswear combination for practicing everyday sport.

and now ladies,  you are finally ready for the practice of your daily sport,
let's go!

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