Ninja outfit 2

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Very nice Ninja sportswear outfit , Lys Majesty with detachable sleeves, comfortable to wear, fits well the movements of the body, indispensable for the practice of a daily sport.



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For you girls who like to practice a sport on a daily basis, the Lys Majesty brand presents one of its latest creations in sportswear clothing, the whole, Ninja outfit 2 exceptional by the use in several different ways of this garment, which we can put for the practice of a sport as well outside, as in an indoor fitness club by detaching the sleeves from the top. For everyday comfort because how practical!

Very nice black and purple Ninja outfit 2 in 85% polyester and 15% elastane and lycra. With a black top at the top with detachable sleeves using a zip closure. Below the chest, there are 3 purple bands, in lycra, horizontal, crossing with 3 purple bands, in lycra, vertical in front and in the back. The pants are made of 85% polyester and 15% black elastane. On each outer side of the legs, there are 2 large waves in purple lycra and embroidered with purple thread, running through the front and back of each leg from top to bottom of the Ninja Outfit 2 sportswear trousers. This set of pants and top is everything specially designed to enhance the silhouette of the woman with, among other things, purple lycra fabric to highlight its shapes while associating the practical side by putting it on easily. The materials are comfortable to wear and can therefore be worn for different sports, such as: Jogging, fitness classes, gymnastics or even dancing.

In the same style, you can also find in our e-shop, the Ninja jumpsuit, if you like to play with styles!

Do not hesitate, ladies, to browse our website, because we have thought and imagined everyday clothes according to the different needs of a woman in her daily life by always associating, aesthetics, refinement and l ‘originality. For an ever more modern woman!

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