Nirvana Jeans 3

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Nirvana Jeans trousers , going to work to be elegant, during outings between girlfriends, as well as for a gallant rendez-vous, exhibitions, evening in love ….

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Very nice Nirvana Jeans 3 trousers, normal size. These fairly light blue jeans, transform in different ways. Nirvana Jeans 3 version Caméléon Jeans trousers from the Lys Majesty brand, is composed of a fabric belt of several bright colors (pink, khaki green, orange, yellow, purple, blue) and in Jeans embroidered with light green thread, forming big waves. This beautiful belt of  the Nirvana Jeans 3 is tied at the front with a long strip of fabric in several bright colors (pink, khaki green, orange, yellow, purple, blue,) by threading it in 4 small golden eyelets. At each end of the belt are flower petals in brightly colored fabric (pink, khaki green, orange, yellow, purple, blue) and embroidered with yellow thread (6 brightly colored fabric petals: 2 lined, one side and 1 doubled on the other). At the bottom of the belt of Nirvana Jeans 3 trousers, there is a brightly colored fabric petal, embroidered with yellow thread and a row of 3 pearls (2 purple pearls and one sky blue and one gold) and this, all around of the trousers belt them. This fabric of bright colors (pink, khaki green, orange, yellow, purple, blue,) with petal shapes drawn on it is found in the bottom of the Nirvana Jeans pants and finished by waves in the form of waves with between each of them small columns of 3 pearls including 2 purple at each end and a golden one in the middle. On each outer side of the bottom of the pants on the fabric of bright colors, is sewn, a pretty pink button. The pants and the brightly colored fabric are connected together with a zipper. Can be sold as it is presented here, or with 2 other styles, which makes 3 different aspects, ultimately forming the Caméléon pants, 3 Trousers in 1 for your greatest happiness!

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