Scarlett corset

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Beautiful Scarlett corset, belonging to the sublime jacket of the same name (without zip at the top and bottom if purchased as an accessory, without the jacket) . The indispensable Lys Majesty. To wear without moderation, for elegant and modern women ! 



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Scarlett corset (belonging to the Scarlett jacket, see below) in brown imitation suede, of very good quality, with on the front a large flower composed of 4 petals in dark blue jeans fabric, embroidered with colored thread (yellow, pink fuchsia, orange and sky blue) sewn at the top of the corset in imitation brown suede. Just below, as well as to its right, 3 rectangles in pink and purple colored smocked fabric at the bottom and on the right a red and orange colored rectangle in smocked fabric and a 3rd yellow, red, orange colored rectangle are there inlaid and embroidered with golden thread, making small petals all around. with in the middle a pretty yellow button in the shape of a flower is sewn on the fabric in imitation brown suede and surrounded by a circle of gold thread. Above the rectangle, in smocked fabric, orange, yellow and red, another red flower-shaped button is sewn onto it and surrounded by an embroidered golden thread. From the other end of the corset opening, a dark blue jeans fabric flower with colored embroidered petals (yellow, mauve, fuchsia and orange) is sewn to the bottom of the faux brown suede corset. On the left, 3 rectangles in light green, orange, purple, red and yellow smocked fabric are inlaid and embroidered with golden thread in the shape of small petals all around and in the middle of the rectangles a flower-shaped button, mauve is sewn there and surrounded by a golden thread, embroidered. All along the corset, we find the same patterns in the shape of rectangles in smocked fabric of several colors (yellow, light green, red, purple, pink, orange, dark blue, light pink) with also flower-shaped buttons, in different colors (yellow, sky blue, pink, green, red) and on each side of the waist, a rectangle-shaped smocking fabric at the top of the right side and at the bottom of the left side and a heart-shaped smocking fabric in Bottom of the right side and top of the left side are sewn at each end of the smocked fabric on the imitation suede corset, thus allowing, to connect one part of the corset to the other part. In front and behind the pretty corset, a large opening with on each side a vertical row of gold eyelets inlaid in the high quality imitation suede fabric. By introducing a beautiful chocolate-colored lace, we can adjust the corset behind and a beautiful golden lace on the front. The imitation suede corset can also be sold with the jeans jacket (without zip if ordered alone) which reaches below the chest using a brown zip at the top and bottom of it .Thus we obtain a jacket, corset. This sublime jeans jacket, corset, consists of 3 parts. The 3rd and last part, consists of a strip of jeans, which allows the jacket to be attached to the bottom and a long strip of pretty purple pearls and light brown stones, pearly orange, running all the way down the jacket. . Depending on the mood of the day, you can transform the jacket in 3 different ways.

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