Smocks 2

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Smocks jeans trousers, Lys Majesty are available on all occasions, both for traditional outings and for trendy outings.

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Smocks 2 Jeans trousers, Lys Majesty

Nice Smocks 2 jeans trousers from the brand Lys Majesty, normal size, light blue, with at the bottom of the trousers, below the knee, covering all the calves with a very pretty cotton fabric, bi-color, pale blue and white with flowers , of very good quality, gathered with elastic to make it into smocking fabric, which justifies its name as  Smocks 2 jeans trousers. The trousers ending with a denim border at the bottom. On the back of the Smocks 2 jeans trousers, two pretty pockets in good quality cotton fabric, bi-colors, pale blue and white with pretty flowers, gathered with elastic to make it into smocks fabric.

This pretty model of Smocks 2 jeans trousers, can be worn with a pair of Lys Majesty sneakers, the very pretty pair of Dalhia sneakers. It is a pair of sneakers with flowers, with imitation brown suede fabric, of very good quality. Colors, golden, purple, mauve and salmon, with a pretty colored ribbon, pearl pastel salmon pearl. It is a pair of classic trend sneakers.

If you like this pretty pair of fairly classic sneakers, we offer you, also to match with, the very nice model of Dakota jeans trousers, version 2, which I think with these sneakers, will be better suited than the Dakota trousers model because the colors of trouser bottoms go perfectly with the pair of Dalhia sneakers. These magnificent Dakota version 2 jeans trousers (Caméléon 2) are 3 in only 1 trousers ! It consists of a beautiful brown imitation suede belt, of very good quality, decorated with diamond-shaped glitters in several pastel colors and a very good quality imitation suede trousers bottom decorated with diamond-shaped glitters of several colors in pastel shades, ending with pretty diamond-shaped petals, in pastel shades.

This model of trousers is very particular, because by opting for this style, you have the possibility, to choose, 2 other models with this one. Which makes you opt for the Caméléon 2 trousers, 3 in only 1 jeans trousers, with 3 different styles for jeans trousers. Dakota version 2 trousers, with 2 other changes (belt and bottom of trousers). You buy the Dakota V2 jeans trousers, and with it, you have the Clover Flower model and the Nirvana model (belt and bottom of pants) included, which transforms it into Caméléon 2 jeans trousers. To see absolutely on our Lys Majesty e- shop.


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