Western Girl jeans

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Western Girl Jeans trousers, Lys Majesty. Beautiful 2 in 1 trousers, several possibilities and several styles, depending on the mood of the day, which is offered to you Ladies!


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Beautiful and exceptional Jeans Western Girl trousers made by the Lys Majesty brand. These pants  can be worn in different ways, you could obtain differents styles with these only ones trousers. it is very cheerful with these multiple rounds of differents colors and multicolored fabric at the waist and its brown velvet laces for a psychedelic style. Or you could, possibly change style for a Wild West style look with its petals all along the trousers in imitation suede, of very good quality. You can choose, put it from top to bottom, or put it only at the hips, to emphasize them or to put them somewhere else on the jeans and thus mix the 2 styles, for a look, 2 in 1.

These Western Girl jeans trousers, high waist, consists of a fabric of several colors on each side of the pants, with opening on each side, with inlaid in this fabric, several golden eyelets. So we can pass brown velvet ribbon (2 laces), to lace at each end of the waist. Below, along the leg, fabric decorations of several colors, encrusted in the jeans in the shape of circles, 3 on each row, embroidered with thread of several bright colors (yellow, mauve, light green). On these 3 inlaid circles, we can add as desired, imitation suede petals embroidered at its ends with brown thread of the same color, of very good quality, all along each side of the leg, thus making a very pretty and refined jeans. These petals are attached to the jeans with tiny snaps. Once attached, the petals do not move, they are well fixed, because there is a snap button on both sides of the petal. We can thus alternate styles, between the psychedelic style and the Wild West style by resembling a Cow Girl, a Western Girl.

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