Wild West 3

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Wild West, Lys Majesty jeans trousers are perfect for both day and night. They are very stylish, do a relaxed look and are refined. These jeans pants highlight the silhouette of the woman.





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Lys Majesty presents you the very pretty, refined, Wild West 3 jeans trousers. High waist jeans pants with front 2 large brown rectangles, in imitation suede of very good quality inlaid in the Wild West 3 jeans trousers, coming out in 2 long and beautiful fringes brown, imitation suede of very good quality, on each side of the Wild West 3 jeans trousers, going to enter into 2 eyelets on each side of the back of the pants, inlaid in an imitation suede fabric of very good quality in the shape of heart sewn to middle of the trousers in the back, allowing the 4 fringes in imitation suede to hang freely along the buttocks.

These very nice Wild West 3 jeans trousers, in imitation suede of very good quality, refined is very comfortable to wear and quite discreet. If you like this style, the Lys Majesty brand has also created jeans trousers of the same style but more elaborate than this one the Wild West model which is the basic Western version. You can find, further in our e-shop, the other Western style model, the Far West jeans trousers which is just as pretty, see more sophisticated and refined than this model ! According to your tastes, we offer two trousers of the same style, this basic model to play on discretion and the other model, the Far West jeans trousers in more sophisticated, more refined, for women who assert their difference!

Ladies, if you want even more refinement, originality or even more sophistication, always in the same Western style, we offer you another model from our Lys Majesty e-boutique, the Western Girl model, just as beautiful but even more complex, with several different ways to wear it, because for this model, you once again have several different styles, with in addition the very good quality in terms of its materials and perfect finishes.

All the Lys Majesty models presented, are exceptional by their qualities, their refinements, for the most part, the different styles offered (for a panel of choices), for a single model, and the price, because they are all essential, that it’s always good to have in your cupboards.








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